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Family Heritage Consulting
Welcome to Family Heritage Consulting
I research all areas, and I accept brick wall projects

Do you have family research stumbling blocks in your Genealogy search? Or perhaps you're just too busy to finish your family history quest? I'm here to help! I will research any and all family trees and lineages. Professional Genealogists can be a great help as you trace your family tree. I am extremely persistent. I tackle each family project as if they were my own, and I have never given up a search.

Although I specialize in Illinois and Midwestern United States genealogy research, my past experiences have included genealogical research not only in the United States and Canada, but also in Sweden, Norway, Germany, British Isles including England, Ireland and Scotland, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Austria, and all countries in South America.

I can do all of the legwork required to find your ancestors. In my search for your family history, I will travel all over the midwest and beyond to retrieve your family records and personal family story. I will document all sources and pathways taken on my quest to thoroughly research your family tree. When I am up against brick walls, my wealth of previous experience gives me insight that less experienced genealogists may not have developed yet.

Genealogy is my passion. I truly enjoy history and problem solving. I truly feel useful helping people discover their family roots so that they can leave their legacy of family history for future generations. Let me help you with your family history search!

Get out from in front of the TV and let's work on your family tree!
Get out from in front of the TV and work on your family tree!

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